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The Taste Test Returns

The Taste Test Returns

Back in the 1970s and 1980s two brands of soda offered us a taste test to let us decide which one we felt like we preferred. This was to be a blind tasting where you didn’t know which one was Pepsi and which was Coke when you tasted the two. This taste test was offered around the country and in some ways around the world and has continued to be a test that has some popularity. The point of this test was to allow us to decide which one we liked better by simply using our taste buds rather than seeing the can and the color.

In another form of a taste test, Audi has decided to bring us a version of their own although it would be difficult to have this new Audi car offered as widely as cans of Pepsi or Coke. This new test takes away the ability to see and allows you to rely on your sense of touch and smell to enjoy what the new Audi A8 will bring to the market. This car is ready to be unveiled in Barcelona on July 11th and it will be the all-new flagship model from this brand that we’ll certainly admire and love to enjoy on the road.

To give a select number of reporters and bloggers the chance to experience this car in a different way, a collection of them were invited to take the blindfolded feel test in front of this car in order to see what it brings and what it offers. This car is being advertised as the one that’s as luxurious as the Orient Express in order to give you the quality driving experience with the materials that can be admired, but taking away the visual aspect of this car makes it a different experience for these writers.

One writer described the leather as “incomprehensibly soft” and even stated he could feel the grain of the wood which is behind the center armrest. The massaging features of the car offer a feeling that’s different than experience before as the touch sensor being the only one uses. The smells and qualities of the car are exceptional and give an experience that’s suggestive. The overall feeling of this car is a sensual one that makes this a car that certainly is experienced in a way that no other car has been in the past.

Maybe more cars should have a blindfolded feel test offered in order to give us the quality experience and driving feeling we’re looking for. If you had to feel and touch without seeing the car while smelling some of the materials and aspects of the car you might become more connected with this car. For Audi to offer this test to a group of writers for the benefit of the quality offered and the experience that can be enjoyed through senses that aren’t always used in cars is certainly a wonderful way for this group to learn more about this car.

The Audi A8 will be shown in all its glory in just a few days and when it is, this car will be seriously amazing. For this group of writers that had this sensual experience, they will have a connection to the A8 that’s just a little more special than the rest of us.

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