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Kia is Preparing for a new Crossover

Kia is preparing for a new crossover.

The crossover SUV market has become littered with vehicles that have given us a large number of impressive models to enjoy on the road. One of the greatest benefits to driving a crossover SUV is the fact that you can have a vehicle that drives in a similar fashion to what the sedan that you used to drive does. As this part of the market seems to be headed for some amazing success, Kia is ready to add another model to the collection that we already enjoy driving around, giving us a new and more engaging vehicle that will fit in great with the rest of the lineup.

This new compact crossover SUV will be called, at least during this phase of design, build, and creation, the Stonic. This name is a combination of the words Speedy and Tonic which is also the name that refers to the last note in the musical scale. Does this mean the Stonic will be a symphony in motion in order to give you the drive and the quality and the drive that you want on the road? Certainly, the team at Kia hopes this will be the SUV that fits perfectly in the compact crossover segment of the market.

While the only thing we see so far is artist renderings of this New Kia SUV and what it will look like, hopefully, the Kia team has already begun to test this SUV out on the tracks in order to have a great way to drive in the future. If the drawings are anything like what the actual vehicle comes to be this SUV will carry more style and a sweeping sporty look than any other Kia model has thus far. This SUV does look like it could be the SUV sibling to the new Stinger that we’ll see on the market soon.

On the outside, the look of this compact crossover gives us a sweeping roofline and a coupe appearance that has become more popular on the smaller SUVs. This vehicle has a unique set of taillights and shows a look that is futuristic and attractive to a modern crowd. With long lines but sharp angles, you can see how this new Stonic could be the SUV shape that redesigns the entire Kia lineup in the future and allows the brand to become more of an appealing and impressive brand for us to drive.

The new Kia Stonic will be put on sale at the end of this year which means we should see this SUV at a show in the near future to give us a better idea of what this vehicle will be. Kia has stated this vehicle will be the most customizable model they’ve ever offered which may be the perfect way for this SUV to target the younger buyers. The day the Stonic shows up is something that we look forward to in order to make it easier for you to have a great ride in your new SUV out on the road.

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