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More of What you Want in a Mazda3

More of what you want in a Mazda3

One of the most engaging cars to drive on the road in the compact car class has been the Mazda3. Equipped with the SkyActiv technology you want to have under the hood this has been a car that gave you everything you needed to make your daily drive more enjoyable than with other models in the class. Moving forward to the 2018 model year this car is going to offer more standard items than it has in the past with a focus on improving the safety items that you can enjoy if you choose the Mazda3.

Smart City Brake Support

The Smart City Brake Support system is the automatic emergency braking system of Mazda that will be offered as a standard item for the Sport trim on up. This system uses sensors in front of the car to see what needs to be done and slow the car down if you don’t react. With this equipment, the Mazda3 will slow down to a stop when you’re traveling at low speeds to help you in avoiding the collision that can happen when traveling in a line where you might have taken your attention off the road ahead.
The Sport model of the Mazda3 for 2018 also offers the benefits of the infotainment system, Bluetooth connectivity, power windows, mirrors, and locks, remote keyless entry, and push-button start. Other items that can be chosen include 16-inch alloy wheels, Advanced Blind Spot Monitoring, Rear Cross Traffic Alerts, satin chrome interior trim, power heated outside mirrors and more. These make it possible for you to have the items you’re looking for in the Mazda3 you want to drive to make it an even more fun to drive a car than it’s been in the past and one that can aid you in staying safe on the road.

More Ways to Love the Drive

The Sport trim isn’t the only trim offered for this car. You can choose the Touring and Grand Touring models and experience a more powerful SkyActiv engine as well as a long list of features that can be had in these trims to make sure you can have the small and affordable car you want that gives you a cabin that feels and is equipped in a way to feel more like a luxury model when you take it out on the road.
Mazda has committed themselves to bringing you the quality and performance you want in the Mazda3. Choose the right model for you and know that you’re going to have the benefits of more standard safety items to help keep you from an embarrassing collision in the school pickup line or when out in traffic during the day. This little car has been one that we’ve enjoyed driving for the fun and active dynamics of the SkyActiv technology, now we know we can have the pleasure of features that have been mostly found in higher priced luxury cars in a car that’s affordable and ready to take a drive on the road.

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