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Go Northeast for Some Go Kart Fun

11.28.16 - Indoor Go-Karts

If you love to enjoy go karting and jumping on a trampoline you can have a lot of fun in most cities, but only one place will be known as the largest go kart and trampoline park in the world. In Montville, CT, NasKart Karting and Trampoline Park is set to open in January of 2017 to give us a great new place to enjoy a ride in a go cart or a place that you can jump on many trampolines and have a great time. This location offers you everything you want for driving around a track at high speeds.

The location will offer two tracks that total a half a mile and go-karts that can travel as fast as 45 mph. This facility is 110,000 square feet and will also have a trampoline park, café and full bar. There is a mandatory breathalyzer that has to be passed before you can compete in a race and if you have a race scheduled you can’t drink alcohol ahead of time, but that’s a small trade off for the fun you can have at this amazing new facility.

This new park is just one of many that are planned for this company, and if this one is as successful as it should be, there will be a new business on the rise of these large facilities that are perfect for a family day of fun, especially for those who have the ability to drive these little cars the high speeds they can make. Of course you do have to be at least four-feet tall and weigh less than 300 pounds to enjoy the fun at these facilities, but that should work out fine for most of us that want to have a lot of fun riding around a large track at the speeds we haven’t been able to in a go kart in the past.

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