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Drifting Like a Pro in Cheap Cars

11.15.16 - Suzuki Swift

The thought of having to spend your time saying “I wish” about many things in life can make you feel as if you never took that risk, leap of faith or spent time working toward something. For those of us who wish we could drive like a racer that we admire, there is always a cost to the fun that can be had on the track and to be a drifter with an amazing video you need a high performance car like what Ken Block has. Along with the high performance car you need to head out and be a great drifter you need to hire helicopters and a great team to be able to show off videos that others would love to see.

If you think you need to spend a lot of money or have all the equipment developed to have a lot of fun or even figure out how to drift, think again. You can have the excitement you want and enjoy the ride while you figure out how to drift and do it at a relatively cheap price. While Ken Block has his team and his sponsors and has become known as the best drifter in the world, your fun can be had on a dirt track that runs through a junkyard using nothing more than a cheap hatchback model from years ago and a few GoPro cameras that are mounted in various places in the car.

At least, that’s what the two guys in the video chose to do. These two found a couple old, beat up hatchbacks and decided to see what they could do with them. While we don’t know what they paid for the cars or how much experience they have drifting, the fact that the local junkyard let them tear up the dirt and have a great time rolling around looks like a lot of fun and excitement that was well worth the price they might have paid.

These two cars in the video are a Suzuki Swift and a Fiat Uno, both of which have tiny engines to get the job done and one is even an FWD stock model. Like I said, they didn’t have to pay much for these cars and when you view the video you can see they had a lot of fun. There are even a couple scenes where they ran into each other and just let loose, forgot about the world around them and had the time of their lives on the dirt.

When you’re faced with the “I wish” thoughts that can enter your mind, keep these two guys in mind. Sure, they’d love professional training and the amazing equipment and team of the best drifters in the world, but instead of feeling like they wouldn’t be able to have fun or learn to drift, they took matters into their own hands and had a lot of fun in a pair of cars that didn’t cost much at all.

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