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Brand Loyalty at its Finest

01.28.16 - 2016 Lexus RX 350

When you drive a car that you love and it’s time for a new one do you look for the same vehicle again or are you shopping around? There are many factors that could make you choose another vehicle such as changing needs on your part or improved technology on the market, but if everything is equal with the one you are leaving behind you probably will choose the same vehicle once again. We love a comfort in our lives and the feeling of knowing we have a car, truck, van or SUV that will grow with us and be a great choice again and again gives us comfort. With that in mind here are the top ten vehicles when it comes to the loyalty of repeat consumers.

Subaru ForesterAs a good midsized SUV the Forester offers you full time AWD, an active engine and suspension and a great look. This is an SUV that fits the whole family with some gear to fit every part of your lifestyle. When you want to take a trip you can load it down or if you just want to get away for the weekend the Forester is a great choice. So far 41.1 percent of previous Forester owners came back again for another one, which is amazing in a market saturated by crossover SUVs.

Kia SoulThis is a surprising choice for repeat customers because it seems to be a car that would attract a younger crowd and only fit in that category. While the younger drivers can grow up some with the Soul, the choice to buy another one shows us that the experience they have with this car is one they want to continue to have in a new one to drive. So far 42 percent of Soul owners have come back for a second helping to make this a great repeat customer vehicle.

Hyundai GenesisThe Genesis has been so successful for Hyundai that the brand is now prepared to branch off and allow Genesis to be the luxury brand under the Genesis name. This car has always been one we have loved and will certainly give the other luxury brands something to fear as we move forward. Many buyers are already looking forward to this new luxury brand name and have come back to this vehicle at a 42.5 percent rate to show a fantastic repeat customer brand loyalty.

Lexus RX 350As one of the longest running luxury SUVs on the market the RX has been a strong performer. With dynamic stylings, Lexus luxury features and a sporty but elegant look the RX is an SUV that show the style that we all love and gives you the performance you want. It’s no wonder this SUV has been chosen as a repeat purchase by consumers 42.7 percent of the time with the awesome look, feel and drive of this long time favorite. If you chose this SUV for your driving there is no doubt you would come back wanting another in just a few years.

RAM 1500Trucks are some of the most polarizing and repeatedly purchased vehicles on the market. This has been the case for years. There are shoppers who have bought nothing but RAM Trucks all their life because these trucks have never let them down or given them reason to distrust the brand or the product put forth. Even though this brand is one that trails the other two for sales, the customers who come back to RAM add up to a 42.9 percent number which shows a great product can harness excellent loyalty.

Nissan LEAFThis is another surprise item on this list, especially since the LEAF hasn’t been around that long. This little electric car has done what it set out to do, be a car that offered zero emissions and no reason to every go to a gas pump. While there are limitations to the LEAF (as there are with any electric vehicle) the federal tax credits and improved range of the car translates to a 44 percent customer loyalty number. No doubt Nissan is excited by this trend which validates their little electric car is doing something right.

Mercedes-Benz 2500 Sprinter VanThis is a van that is built for work, but because it’s a Mercedes- Benz product it’s also built to be comfortable. It can be converted to be a tall chauffer of party goers or it can be a great place for a business to haul their products. As a versatile and perfectly sized van the Sprinter is one that businesses come back to time and again because there just isn’t an equal on the market. This translates to a 44.8 percent loyalty rate with repeat customers who need this van for their professional needs.

Lincoln MKZLong, smooth, sophisticated and powerful the MKZ makes no bones about what its job is. This is a pleasure cruising car that allows you to enjoy a smooth ride on any road with a wide array of luxury features that give you the Lincoln comfort. Even though the brand seems to be smaller than ever, the MKZ is one car that consumers have come back to on a regular basis which translates to 44.8 percent of customers choosing the MKZ a second time around. One look at this car and you will want to have a relaxed and comfortable ride in this beautiful car.

Mercedes-Benz S- Class How do you argue with 46.6 percent of customers returning for a second model? You don’t. The S-Class is the height of luxury on the market from this German luxury automaker, showing ups what real luxury means. With a powerful engine and active drive you can have a lot of fun from behind the wheel, or you can show a relaxed and luscious cruiser that is easy to love and gives you every convenience possible. This really is a car that can help you get the driving done and massage your backside at the same time; no wonder it has such a high customer loyalty number.

Land Rover Range RoverThis SUV should come as no surprise to anyone. Once you drive a Land Rover product everything else just feels pedestrian in comparison. With every luxury you can think of aboard and the ability to head out into the wilderness, the Range Rover is sold to 48.2 percent of its own customers at least a second time. While most of these SUVs will never see anything more rugged than a gravel driveway the capability is there along with the comfort to make for a wonderful pairing in a fantastic vehicle.

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