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As Entry Level as it Gets

2016 Scion iA Entry Level

The Scion iA will show up soon to begin the new model year and give us the 2016 Scion iA that we desire to have when we are looking to buy an entry level car.  Originally Scion appears to be an experimental division of Toyota as it offered cars that were more extroverted than most on the market.  It seemed the brand was out to see what reaction it would get from the public by offering cars that most of us would think were interesting to look at but might be a bit hesitant to drive.  Since that blunder, Scion has dialed it down and is now the entry level brand from Toyota that we can all get to know and love.

The Scion iA is proof positive that the world is getting smaller and car manufacturers are sharing, even across competitors.  The iA is actually the Mazda2 sedan for North America but when Mazda reached an agreement with Toyota to give distribution rights for the Mazda2 to Scion, the iA was born.  Even though the car is very much a Mazda look alike, there are some distinct Scion features that make this car one that is a great entry for anyone looking for the right car for a small family starting out or for their first new car as a new professional.

Even though the look resemble Mazda, at least everywhere but in the front, the Scion iA offers up a different power plant and dynamics than the Mazda2 would.  With a 1.5-liter inline four-cylinder engine that reaches 106 horsepower and 103 lb.-ft. of torque, the overall power is a bit small, but so is the car itself.  The fuel numbers are what you should expect from this car too.  As it looks you will get 31 city/41 hwy from the iA with the manual transmission and 33 city/42 hwy mpg for the automatic.  Both transmissions for this car are six-speed variants to give you a very enjoyable drive.

The ride in the iA can be what you want it to be.  It does have reasonable dynamics to give you a ride that feels energized.  There must be some “zoom zoom” left over in this model because it can quickly make it into the next gear to allow you the ability to show other drivers what you have going on.  Overall the drive in this car can be describes as friendly and make it easy to have some fun while enjoying the fuel efficiency you need from this car.

As a small car that might feel underpowered, the reason the pickup and ride feel so good is the light curb weight.  When the overall weight of the car is only 2,376 you don’t have to have enormous power to get the car going and the iA proves that by reaching sixty mph in 8.9 seconds while finishing the quarter mile in 16.8 seconds.  Neither of these is going to win races on a track full of sports cars, but both numbers to signify the fact this car can really get the job done and still give you what you want from a car of this size.

From the inside of the car you will find a six-way adjustable driver’s seat and a tilt and telescoping steering wheel.   This gives enough room for a driver over six feet tall to be able to get in behind the wheel and feel comfortable driving the car.  There are touchscreen inputs on the top of the dashboard to allow you to input what you need and get the most from the controls.  The other controls of the car are easy to use and make it great to enjoy the ride.

The Scion iA is an awesome car as a first new car for anyone, or a great new car period.  At a base price of $16,495 you can see how easy it is to afford this car that will make for a great drive and a low monthly payment.  So a dynamic drive, excellent fuel efficiency, low monthly payment, what else do you think you need in a car that can be the perfect commuter vehicle for you to enjoy for the next several years.

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