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02.18.17 - American Highway

It’s Time to Rebuild

Amazingly one of the topics of discussion during the recent Presidential election was the fact that we needed to rebuild our infrastructure across the land. This discussion didn’t lead to a heated debate as much as a bidding war over how much to actually allocate

11.08.16 - Car Horn

Make Some Great Sounds

Whether you buy a new vehicle, one that’s a few years old, or one that you have to fully restore and rebuild, the vehicle is yours and making it your own is an important part of the relationship you’ll have with your vehicle. This could

11.04.16 - Go Kart

Build it with Your Kids and Amaze Them

Long ago parents were known for being able to fix and build just about anything. As computers have taken over the world and more things are automated we’ve all but given up on the fun of actually building something with our own two hands in