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2016 Acura ILX Car Show

Sedan Safety for the 2016 Model Year

Whether you are driving an old clunker that is barely getting you from place to place, or your lease is about to expire, the thought of a new car this model year certainly sounds enticing. One of the most asked questions at any dealership revolves

2016 Audi Q7

The 2016 Audi Q7 will be Volkswagen’s first diesel plug-in

Potentially confirming previous reports, Automotive News claims to have spoken with a source within the Volkswagen Group who reports that the German automaker’s next Audi Q7 will come with a diesel-powered plug-in-hybrid powertrain model. If these claims are true, this would be the first time

Ford completely overhauls the 2016 Explorer

Ford completely overhauls the 2016 Explorer

The Ford Explorer is fighting in a crowded and incredibly competitive section of the automotive market, going up against vehicles such as the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Dodge Durango, GMC Acadia, and Nissan Pathfinder. It’s also a highly profitable section, however, which is why Ford is

Volvo has unveiled the new 2016 XC90

Volvo has unveiled the new 2016 XC90

For the first time in around four years, which might as well be a century in the automotive industry, Volvo has debuted an all-new vehicle, one which could herald the rebirth of the safety-oriented Swedish automaker. The company unveiled the 2016 XC90 on Tuesday, the