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05.19.17 - Self-Driving Car

The Future Isn’t as Clear as We Might Like

When it comes to the future of vehicles and what we’ll enjoy it’s easy to see that self-driving cars are the wave of what we’ll experience. It will take a few decades to rid the roads of all the cars that have actual drivers behind

01.09.17 - Waymo Self-Driving Car - 2

A Change for the Google Car that We’ve Grown Used to

No, I’m not talking about the Google Maps car that comes around and gives us the street view that we enjoy, but the Google self-driving cars that are now changing. So far the Google cars have covered over 2.3 million miles and have been driving

11.08.16 - Google Self-Driving Car

Human Drivers Pose a Threat to Self-Driving Cars

Now that some areas of the public roadways are open to self-driving vehicles we’re seeing these cars are able to navigate paths and detect dangers easily, but there’s still no solution for the human drivers out on the roads. In recent news, a Google self-driving

09.12.16 - Google Car

Google is Possibly Gaining a New Partner

Google has put a lot of effort into the research of autonomous driving. They have created the Google cars that drive around and are tested for many miles, they’ve logged the most fully autonomous miles so far and they’ve created technology that even gives a

06.22.16 - Google Self-Driving Car

Autonomous Driving Becomes More Human in Nature

It’s no secret that Google is working on autonomous technology to make cars that can do everything without any human interaction at all. Nearly every car company in the world is working on some form of this technology and many tech companies are as well

12.23.15 - Google's Self-Driving Car

What if There was a Car that Yelled at You?

Google is taking the autonomous driving vehicle research to new levels and working to bring this technology to the market as quickly as possible even though the expectation is it won’t be available for sale for several more years.  As Google looks into having these

Verizon Vehicle can turn any car into a smart car

Verizon Vehicle can turn any car into a smart car

As exciting as it is to see vehicles becoming smarter and more connected, it’s difficult for a lot of us to justify spending tens of thousands of dollars on a new vehicle just to get access to some useful feature when our current vehicle works