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More of what you want in a Mazda3

More of What you Want in a Mazda3

One of the most engaging cars to drive on the road in the compact car class has been the Mazda3. Equipped with the SkyActiv technology you want to have under the hood this has been a car that gave you everything you needed to make

Senior Citizen Driving

5 Things An Autonomous Vehicle Could Allow You To Do

Self driving vehicles have been frequenting the headlines in recent months and are all the rage amongst auto enthusiasts. It seems that just yesterday the Jetsons were flying in their cars and that we only dreamt of having a car drive that could drive itself,

Mercedes-Benz had joined forces with LG Electronics

Mercedes-Benz has joined forces with LG Electronics

Autonomous vehicles are widely considered to be the future of the automotive industry, which is why so many automakers are now devoting a substantial amount of their time and resources to developing self-driving technology. Even companies with no ties to the automotive industry, such as

Google has developed its first fully functional autonomous vehicle

Google has developed its first fully functional autonomous vehicle

Numerous automakers have announced that they’re currently testing and developing self-driving vehicle technology that consumers can expect to be implemented within the next few years. This technology will enable vehicles to assist with driving in various ways, automatically intervene in the event of an emergency,

Responsive Website Design for Dealers

Why Dealer Websites are Ideal for Responsive Website Design

If there’s any business that relies on the internet that requires responsive website design, it’s the localized car business. Car companies like Ford don’t need them. Car dealers and third-party sites, the places where people go when they’re in “decision-making mode”, are the ones that

Virtually test drive a Volvo using Google Cardboard

Virtually test drive a Volvo using Google Cardboard

Google Cardboard  was announced as a bit of a sideshow at Google I/O earlier this year and was promptly brushed off as a gimmick, but it turns out that the DIY virtual reality headset has some interesting potential. It essentially turns your Android-powered smartphone into