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11.09.16 - Used Car Dealership

What Should You Do When You See a CPO You Like?

When you shop for a used car one of the most impressive and sought after designations is that of a Certified Pre-Owned model or CPO. This is supposed to give you a vehicle that’s been put through a lengthy inspection process and made certain that

03.17.16 - Car Dealership

Looking for the Right Buy for Your Money

While many of us would love to be able to purchase a new car every few years, more of us choose a used vehicle as our next purchase. Many times we know this makes the most sense, especially with all the reports such as CarFax

Senior Citizen Driving

5 Things An Autonomous Vehicle Could Allow You To Do

Self driving vehicles have been frequenting the headlines in recent months and are all the rage amongst auto enthusiasts. It seems that just yesterday the Jetsons were flying in their cars and that we only dreamt of having a car drive that could drive itself,

Hyundai Warranty

The Famous Hyundai Warranty

While the economy slowly recovers, money is a valid concern for most new car buyers. In a world where it’s rare to get some true bang for your buck, the high quality of Hyundai automobiles is making them one of the most popular cars on

Chevrolet SS

Chevrolet SS vs the Chrysler 300C SRT

Recently these two vehicles were pitted against each other, why; because it seems there are not a lot of affordable, rear-wheel drive sedans out there anymore that possess great power and handling.  Almost like when your favorite burger joint goes out of business, these two

1970 Pontiac Firebird

Why is Apple Getting Into Automotive?

Look, I get it that the automotive industry is lucrative and loaded with a need for technological breakthroughs. Apple is a leader in the latter and enjoys the former. That doesn’t mean that it’s a match, does it? Apple has been about gadgets for a