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05.01.17 - Car Maintenance

Things to Maintain on Your Car

When you buy a vehicle you’re making a commitment to make sure the vehicle is properly maintained during your time in ownership. These maintenance items can be fairly simple for you to handle or they can become extremely complex. You can choose what makes the

04.03.16 - Pile of Tires

Why do we Buy the Wrong Tires?

Do we really need the most expensive tires on the rack or can we make due with something a little less costly? This is the question that faces many of us on that fateful day when it’s time to buy tires once again. Unfortunately this

01.07.16 - Windshield Wipers

Safety is a Concern and a Responsibility

When it comes to driving your vehicle is your responsibility. You need to maintain the fluids and the vehicle on a specific schedule to ensure your vehicle will continue to offer the driving you need. This maintenance includes things such as tires and engine needs,