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Exploring the Bollinger B1

Exploring the Bollinger B1

The new Bollinger B1 is an EV off road truck/SUV that’s promising to offer us more functionality and capability than what we currently experience with the Jeep Wrangler. This new EV off road vehicle is one that uses a three-box design to allow it to

01.09.17 - Lucid Air

Is This a Tesla Killer or Copycat?

There are many companies that are bringing EV technology to the world in the form of vehicles that will make a huge difference in our driving. Every time we see want the thought is of it being a Tesla killer or challenger. So far there

12.28.16 - Pros and Cons

Why is FCV better than BEV?

Before we get into the better than conversation let’s spell these out. An FCV is a fuel cell vehicle and refers to a vehicle that operates on hydrogen fuel in order to give you the range you want and the fueling you need. A BEV

10.20.16 - Lyft

The Partnership that Makes Sense

Whether its autonomous driving that a company is after or the mass usage of a battery electric vehicle (BEV) the right way to find out more about what these vehicles will be used for and gathering information is to have a partner in the mobility

10.11.16 - LeEco LeSee Concept

China has the Money to Lead the Way

It may be a damning statement to make, but China is putting more money into technology and development than we see in many other countries. The announcement earlier in the year was that LeSee which will be the electric sports car from LeEco will be

The Tesla Roadster is getting a massive battery upgrade

The Tesla Roadster is getting a massive battery upgrade

Tesla Motors made its entrance into the automotive market with the Tesla Roadster back in 2008. The $100,000 sports car wasn’t just Tesla’s first commercial vehicle, it was the first highway-capable all-electric vehicle to be mass produced and sold in the United States, and although

2016 Audi Q7

The 2016 Audi Q7 will be Volkswagen’s first diesel plug-in

Potentially confirming previous reports, Automotive News claims to have spoken with a source within the Volkswagen Group who reports that the German automaker’s next Audi Q7 will come with a diesel-powered plug-in-hybrid powertrain model. If these claims are true, this would be the first time

First poop-powered bus launches in the UK

First poop-powered bus launches in the UK

The United Kingdom has launched its first bus that’s powered entirely by treated sewage and food waste, according to Quartz. The so-called “Bio-Bus” embarked on its maiden voyage on Thursday, running solely on the bio-methane gas that was produced by treating sewage and waste at