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Responsive Design on Blogs

For Car Dealers, Responsive Options are Limited

It’s understood in most circles that responsive website design is the way to go. Everyone from Apple to Google is promoting them as the way that websites should be built, but there’s one industry that is missing them: ours. It’s not that car dealers and

2014 Cadillac ATS

Check Out the 2014 Cadillac ATS

American auto makers have long made their name as makers of powerful pavement chomping muscle cars and massive, strong, and beastly work trucks continue to amaze by having a class of vehicles with each auto maker that can be put into the luxury category and

Dodge Charger Police Car

2014 Dodge Charger: Not Just a Police Car

With heavy sculpting inside and out, the 2014 Dodge Charger feels like a beast of burden, and it certainly is. A cross between a family sedan with a full line of safety features and a hot rod build and equipped for speed, the 2014 Dodge


Better Communication Needed on Car Dealer Websites

Compared to the ones used in similar industries, car dealer websites are better built and offer a better user experience. The inventory portions of most websites are engineered better than most others outside of the industry and their ability to give information through proper navigation

2014 Chevrolet SS

2014 Chevrolet SS: Not The Average Sedan

What is it any car guy or gal wants? More power, big V8 engines, speed and quickness, handling and agility, but many need all of this in a sedan rather than an actual sports car.  If for some reason the highly popular Chevrolet Impala was

2015 Porsche 911 Targa

2015 Porsche 911 Targa: Old Name, New Car

Releasing later this year will be the new 2015 Porsche 911 Targa model.  An old thought but a new car, the Targa has been paired with quality, sportiness, and speed for many years. Taking its name from the long-standing race which is run through the

Offroading in a Ram 1500

Comparison: Silverado vs. Ram vs. F150

Big trucks, big hauls, the American way of doing things; just like the commercials show  a beautiful truck working like a dog to pull it push it or haul it, whatever it might be.  Big trucks have been a part of our culture for many

The New Buick

The Marriage of Opel and Buick for GM

Over the next few years, GM is changing its concept for some of the Buick lineup here in the US to partner with its Germany counterparts in Europe under the Opel name.  The goal is to have chassis, power trains, and other interior parts that

Chevrolet SS

Chevrolet SS vs the Chrysler 300C SRT

Recently these two vehicles were pitted against each other, why; because it seems there are not a lot of affordable, rear-wheel drive sedans out there anymore that possess great power and handling.  Almost like when your favorite burger joint goes out of business, these two