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2014 Ford Focus

Ford Focus Falling in the US. Here’s Why.

Why is it that Ford continues to have success, but the Focus has all but failed in the last couple of years in America? It’s doing well worldwide, but sales are down for the Focus while its competitors are up.

2015 Silverado Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Silverado is Built to Impress

There has been plenty of coverage about the half-ton Silverado for 2015, but not so much for its big brothers in heavy duty land. Now, AutoGuide has put together their first review of the big machines and it’s a pretty strong testimonial. The overarching theme

Driverless Cars

2030 Before Self-Driving Vehicles: IHS

Some would say it’s hard to imagine having a ton of cars on the road that were driving themselves. Others look at the predictions of IHS, and industry analysis firm, and believe that their predictions of cars on the road without drivers in 2030 might

Samsung and BMW partner up to bring smartwatches to your car

BMW had some impressive demonstrations at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. During one such demonstration, the German automaker showed how a smartwatch could be made to function usefully with a vehicle. The company showed off its BMW iRemote App on the Samsung Galaxy Gear.

Honda Crash Test

Honda Wins Another Safety Award

Hondas have been known for safety for years. Now, they just won another prestigious award demonstrating their commitment to not only helping people who get into a wreck but also in avoiding the accident altogether. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety named Honda the safest

Infiniti Q50 to be sold in Japan

Infiniti Will Finally Be Sold in Japan

Some have found it interesting that Japanese car manufacturer Nissan did not sell their Infiniti luxury brand in their home country, but that is changing. This is part of an ongoing effort to make Infiniti a worldwide brand rather than one that is predominantly sold