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2008 Scion

Scion: Where did They Come From?

A seemingly more and more popular movement toward smaller more fuel efficient vehicles has brought the American auto market the Scion line of automobiles, by why and where did they come from?  Does scion have any other vehicles to choose from other than the xB,

Social Media for Car Dealers

The Next Generation of Social Media for Car Dealers

The automotive industry has been notorious for two things when it comes to emerging technology: they are often late to the game when it comes to adoption and they accelerate ahead of other industries once they actually accept it. The internet itself saw this as

1970 Pontiac Firebird

Why is Apple Getting Into Automotive?

Look, I get it that the automotive industry is lucrative and loaded with a need for technological breakthroughs. Apple is a leader in the latter and enjoys the former. That doesn’t mean that it’s a match, does it? Apple has been about gadgets for a

VW Golf

What are the Car and Driver Ten Best Cars of 2014?

Often a point of discussion amongst “car guys” and certainly a stamp and ranking not given out lightly by Car and Driver Magazine the ten best ranked by the magazine certainly are worth a look.  The criterion is simple, a max price tag of $80,000

2014 Cadillac ELR Coupe

Look Out: Cadillac is Storming the Market

ELR, XTS, CTS, what do they all spell?  If you are a carmaker of luxury vehicles and your name is not Cadillac they spell trouble for you, but if you are Cadillac, they mean sales, profits, and fantastically designed vehicles that will make the rest

Volvo Concept Coupe

Volvo to Complete Concept Car Trilogy Next Month

It’s common for automakers to make a big fuss out of concept cars even though so many of them never see the road on a mass scale, but Volvo is putting extra emphasis on their “trilogy” of concept car releases with the culmination coming next