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07.12.16 - San Jose Skyline

Numbers Can be True Liars

For those of us who love our numbers and get excited by the idea of an equation that may take many steps to solve it would be hard to imagine that numbers can actually lie to us, but they certainly can. Even though each and

Responsive Website Design for Dealers

Why Dealer Websites are Ideal for Responsive Website Design

If there’s any business that relies on the internet that requires responsive website design, it’s the localized car business. Car companies like Ford don’t need them. Car dealers and third-party sites, the places where people go when they’re in “decision-making mode”, are the ones that

Car Sale Pricing

FTC Dealer Crackdown Means Transparency Needed in Pricing

Car dealers have always been held to a higher standard when it comes to pricing their vehicles to consumers. Unlike most industries, dealers must divulge the path through which they came to a purchase price before actually selling a vehicle to a customer. Now, the

The New Buick

The Marriage of Opel and Buick for GM

Over the next few years, GM is changing its concept for some of the Buick lineup here in the US to partner with its Germany counterparts in Europe under the Opel name.  The goal is to have chassis, power trains, and other interior parts that