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04.20.17 - Smart ForTwo Electric Drive

Some Cars Just Aren’t Built for That

When you want to drive you need a car that’s built for the road. Thankfully, as modes of transportation, cars are a great way to get around and the roads are built for the large number of vehicles that are out there. If you’re just

10.27.16 - 2017 Smart Fortwo Cabrio

The Smart ForTwo Cabrio is a Lot of Fun

There’s a lot of fun when it comes to driving a small car and many of us look at the ForTwo as a car that might be a challenge to enjoy on the road because of its size, but this car is one that can

2015 FIAT 500e

The Best at What Hybrids Do Best

Gas prices are continually going up and there doesn’t seem to be an end to it. Because of this automakers started to develop cars that are able to be powered not only by gasoline, but also take advantage of advanced technology that is offered from