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2016 Scion iA Entry Level

As Entry Level as it Gets

The Scion iA will show up soon to begin the new model year and give us the 2016 Scion iA that we desire to have when we are looking to buy an entry level car.  Originally Scion appears to be an experimental division of Toyota


Scion wants to become a small-premium brand

It’s been quite a while since anyone considered Scion as a whole to be a success. While its initial debut was met with a solid response from the public, it was only a few short years before Toyota’s so-called “youth division” was loosing its appeal.

2008 Scion

Scion: Where did They Come From?

A seemingly more and more popular movement toward smaller more fuel efficient vehicles has brought the American auto market the Scion line of automobiles, by why and where did they come from?  Does scion have any other vehicles to choose from other than the xB,