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12.21.15 - 1991 Buick Skylark

Ugly Cars from the 1990s

Was the decade before the new millennium supposed to be the time when ugly was the new beautiful?  It seems there was an abundance of cars that offers style which we look at today and wonder “what were they thinking?” but certainly we could look

Chevrolet SS

Chevrolet SS vs the Chrysler 300C SRT

Recently these two vehicles were pitted against each other, why; because it seems there are not a lot of affordable, rear-wheel drive sedans out there anymore that possess great power and handling.  Almost like when your favorite burger joint goes out of business, these two

TurboFlite… 1961 Chrysler Turbine Concept

TurboFlite… 1961 Chrysler Turbine Concept

The way they viewed the future in 1961 included a concept of superhighways. They believed that cars would have to be as nimble and fast as possible, that cars would be able to travel at speeds well above 100 MPH for sustained and safe driving.

1967 Chrysler 300

1967 Chrysler 300

The 300 has such a stories past. Today, it’s a combination of muscle and luxury, only slightly different from the beauty above in form while being completely different in design. Before, they still had the muscle, but rather than focus on luxury, they were stylish