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01.18.17 - Rolls-Royce Phantom

A Look Back at a Brand Savior

You would think a name that has been the pinnacle of automotive excellence for over 100 years wouldn’t need saving at any time, but that’s not the case at all. Rolls-Royce is certainly in a niche all by itself as the coach vehicle manufacturer that

12.12.16 - Lexus IS

Showing Off Lexus in Miami

While this wasn’t the big reveal, at least not for anyone who covered the Beijing Motor Show, the Lexus IS for 2017 made its way to the Miami Auto Show to give us an up close and personal look at what this car will be

11.21.16 - Tesla Dealership

Now is the Time to Buy a Tesla Model

The Tesla lineup of EV models has expanded over the past few years and makes it easy for you to enjoy the drive in a car that doesn’t use gasoline at all. Another perk of driving a Tesla Model S or Model X is the

11.04.16 - 2010 Ford Escape

A Rarity, but Something You Need to Handle

When we buy a new vehicle we expect it to be reliable and offer us the drive and enjoyment we want for many miles of worry-free driving. Isn’t that why a new vehicle offers a manufacturer’s warranty in the first place? Even though we know

10.27.16 - 2016 Tesla Model S

Trends we Love but Didn’t Think we Would

The automotive world is a fickle industry because every automaker is working to come up with that one trend or item that would actually allow them to capture a new part of the market. When you’re known as a maker of sports cars it’s hard

10.11.16 - LeEco LeSee Concept

China has the Money to Lead the Way

It may be a damning statement to make, but China is putting more money into technology and development than we see in many other countries. The announcement earlier in the year was that LeSee which will be the electric sports car from LeEco will be