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Teasing for Excitement

Teasing for Excitement

It’s not hard to understand why we happen to be seeing more teaser images than we normally would. The 2018 North American International Auto Show will be held in Detroit next month and it’s the show that kicks off the calendar year for the global automotive market in a big way. With that in mind, the team at Infiniti has released what appears to be a teaser image of something that might make its way to the show next month and get us excited about what this luxury brand has in store for our future of driving.
This teaser image shows us the front end of what might be the new look and the design language that’s used for the future of the Infiniti brand. This impressive image shows off with narrow headlights, a closed off grill, lower black side intakes, and a vented hood. This version is painted in matte white paint and shows white elements in the headlights along with a white grill to give us a look at the front of a car that could be the one that hints at elements of a new EV model or a new sedan that we’ll have when it’s time for this car to transition from a concept to the production line.

Not Much Information

In a typical tradition of offering just enough to get us excited, this Infiniti teaser image allows us to see and wonder what this brand has in mind for the future. The look is one that is expressive and dynamic while also being sophisticated and elegant for the luxury brand that we admire as one that has been at the forefront of the engineering and technology push over the past several years. There are many thoughts you could have as to what this new concept model may be.

Will this new concept be a midsize or full-size sedan? Will it be one that has a hybrid or EV powertrain for the driving that’s more efficient for us to enjoy the drive? Are we going to see a sporty stance and the build that gets us excited? There are many questions including asking what the purpose of the air vents and vented hood will be if this is an EV model. There isn’t any information for us to learn more, which is certainly part of the tease and part of the mystery we want to understand and solve when the show arrives.

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