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Ultimate Driving Machine

As one of the brands that has been heavy into the development of performance EV models for us to admire and drive, BMW is preparing to show up at the Los Angeles Auto Show with a new EV model that will give us a look at the next wave of what we might expect from the i-sub brand that BMW has created with the i3 and i8 already being a pair of the excellent and impressive EV and hybrid models that have shown us what this team is capable of offering for the drive we can make.
The brand has done an amazing job of remaining tight-lipped regarding what this new mystery EV model will be. This new model is expected to be revealed during a press conference at the show so that we can see what this new emissions-free model will be for us to admire and potentially enjoy on the roads in the future. Of course, BMW is trying to keep this vehicle from being leaked ahead of time, but the brand also has a variety of additional models that we already know about that we’ll be sure to enjoy when they appear in Los Angeles.

What Else Does BMW Have in Mind?

This brand is one that’s been busy and has created a large number of concept models and production vehicles that we’re going to have a look at when they set up the booth at this show at the end of the month. If you think back to some of the other shows we’ve had in the past few months, you can certainly picture some of the enjoyable models that have been part of the lineup from this brand that has given us a view of what we can expect for the future.

When the booth is set up, you can expect to see the new X7 performance concept, the 8-series concept, the iVision Dynamics Concept, and the Mini Electric concept to give us an idea of what this brand wants to offer for the future of driving. If you want to know what’s going to be offered in the production group, the booth will feature the new M5, M3 CS, and the new 6-Series Gran Turismo to make it possible for you to have a peek at what the next BMW model is that you may want to drive and enjoy on the roads and tracks.

With so many different new models to show off at the LA Auto Show, you can be that BMW will be the highlight of the show and give us a glimpse into what the future of driving can be from this brand. Considered the brand that brings us the Ultimate Driving Machine, BMW is poised to continue to develop and grow its lineup of models that are exciting to drive. As we look forward to what the mystery EV model is, we also have an idea of what the rest of this display booth will show us at the end of the month.

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