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Everything’s Bigger

Everything’s Bigger

Most of us have heard the saying that “Everything is Bigger in Texas” and as a state that is one of the largest in the US that can certainly feel like the truth. This state is covered with open plains, large cities, vast oil fields, cattle ranches, and a large number of small towns along the way. No other state in the continental US takes as long to cross when driving and very few states carry the pride of the size of the personality in the same way that’s only rivaled by the entire country as a whole.
Texas pride is certainly present and expected, as it would be in many other states, but when you picture a person who lives and drives in Texas you typically think of someone driving a large and powerful pickup truck. Whether it’s a stereotype of the state or a reality, the fact is that Texans love their trucks and expect to be able to drive the same truck on a daily basis for work and then clean it up to drive to church on Sunday. With that in mind, an award for a truck in this state means more than it would anywhere else.

The Truck of Texas

For many years the Texas Auto Writers Association gets together as a collective body to choose a truck model that should represent the state for the next model year. This group spends more than 300 hours behind the wheel testing several different models to make sure they choose the right truck. This year the association of more than 70 members tested trucks from all automakers that brought a variety of choices to allow them to drive and enjoy the ride desired in the trucks that are offered on the market and one model was chosen.

The 2018 Ford F-150 is the Truck of Texas for this new model year. This marks a back-to-back awarding for this truck and certainly speaks to the fact that the F-150 is a truck that’s built to handle any job that needs to get done. This truck was preferred for the torque delivery from the EcoBoost engine lineup to the amazing off-road power and performance the Raptor brings to the market for the fun desired. The new ten-speed automatic transmission makes a huge difference in the drive as well to give this team of journalists something new and more fun to have the drive desired.

Not only did the F-150 receive these top honors from the TAWA but the Raptor was award the Off-Road Pickup Truck award to be the leader for this category. The performance and quality of the Ford F-150 and its different variants makes a huge difference on the road and on the trails to make this truck the one that Texans will love to drive. The award itself is certainly Texas-sized because it represents the 14th time this truck has won the award and become the truck that’s bigger and better than the rest to represent this state.

But what if you’re looking for a vehicle that’s not quite as big? Then opt for the sleek Ford Taurus, a powerful sedan that packs an impressive, stylish punch. No matter what size of vehicle you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find a Ford that matches your personal needs and tastes.

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