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A Concept Hybrid Bringing It All

A Concept Hybrid Bringing It All

Toyota has become the leader in the hybrid market for many years with the variety of Prius models you can choose. While this means the brand is one that offers us fuel efficiency we’re looking for, it’s time for a hybrid model to be able to get out on the trails and give us some fun. When you think of the off-road qualities that Toyota has offered in the past, the FJ Cruiser comes to mind and this brand showed up at the Los Angeles Auto Show with a vehicle that certainly resembles this older model in a smaller size.
The vehicle that Toyota brought to the show is the Future Toyota Adventure Concept (FT-AC) which is an SUV that sits up high, offers a large number of qualities and features that can make this the model you want, and brings in a powertrain that’s a hybrid one that we’re sure to enjoy. While we don’t know if this model will make it to the production line and certainly aren’t certain about the powertrain that will be offered, the look and off-road qualities that showed up on stage make this an SUV that we want to see on the market today.

The FT-AC Features You Want

This SUV is built with a long wheelbase, a broad track, all-terrain tires, 20-inch wheels, and a rugged appearance. The elevated ride height and cut fenders make this vehicle appear to be able to take on some of the top performers in the off-road categories. As you walk around this SUV you’ll also see tow hooks, skid plates, and protection for the body to make sure you can handle the ride on the trails and this vehicle can withstand the punishment that being out in the wilderness can deliver.

Even though we don’t know anything about the mechanicals for the drive, the Toyota team did let us know the FT-AC will have the torque vectoring AWD system we want to enjoy for added traction when you find a tough track to get through. This vehicle will also offer a variable terrain system for you to choose the way you want to drive based upon what’s on the ground beneath the wheels of this vehicle. That’s certainly enough of the mechanicals to get us excited and ready to head to the dealership to make this the model we want to drive, but it’s not offered just yet.

Making this concept even better is the fact that the fog lamps in the bumper can be removed and used as portable lights, the headlights offer LED lights, and the exterior mirrors have infrared camera built in to record the trail run you enjoy when you head out in the wilderness. There is an on-board Wi-Fi system and several different ways you can pack in the gear to take this amazing SUV out for some fun. Load up the roof rack, the bike rack, and the cargo area and see if this can be the right model for some fun in the sun. Hopefully, Toyota will see our excitement and build this hybrid adventure vehicle for us to enjoy soon.

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