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Monthly Archives: January 2018

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Teasing for Excitement

It’s not hard to understand why we happen to be seeing more teaser images than we normally would. The 2018 North American International Auto Show will be held in Detroit next month and it’s the show that kicks off the calendar year for the global

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More New Fun for the Show

As one of the brands that has been heavy into the development of performance EV models for us to admire and drive, BMW is preparing to show up at the Los Angeles Auto Show with a new EV model that will give us a look

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Everything’s Bigger

Most of us have heard the saying that “Everything is Bigger in Texas” and as a state that is one of the largest in the US that can certainly feel like the truth. This state is covered with open plains, large cities, vast oil fields,

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A Concept Hybrid Bringing It All

Toyota has become the leader in the hybrid market for many years with the variety of Prius models you can choose. While this means the brand is one that offers us fuel efficiency we’re looking for, it’s time for a hybrid model to be able