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The “Hot V” Works


The Hot V Works

Over the many decades of engine and car development manufacturers reached a point when they no longer found more power in the engine no matter the size and turned to aerodynamics, at least until it was time to develop turbocharging. Turbocharging uses forced induction to bring out more power for your drive but the different developments of the turbocharging make it possible for you to pull more from an engine than you would without it. Did you know the placement of the turbocharger has a lot to do with the performance as well?

The “Hot V” setup for an engine is one that allows the turbocharger to be positioned in the V-shape of the block, between the cylinders instead of the conventional location, which is on the outside of the block. Putting the turbocharger and the piping inside the V area saves a ton of space compared to a normal setup. This not only allows the distance for the air to travel to be lessened but it also allows more freedom to place the powertrain in the car in a way that’s able to make it possible for the vehicle to be shaped the way you want.

Take a Look at the Specifics

In the video below you’ll see a typical setup which has the turbocharger and the piping outside the engine area which looks like a large snail and has long piping that the air needs to be able to move. The warm and cool parts of the turbo system are integrated and allow the system to work, but you’ll see a difference when viewing the “Hot V” setup that gives this engine layout a different way to have the power desired as it comes from the engine and is transferred to the wheels.

In the “Hot V” you see the piping inside the space between the cylinders, which is an immediate visual change in the amount of space the engine and turbocharging takes up. Because the air has to travel a much shorter distance the turbocharger can spool up much faster. The cooling is better because this layout separates the warm and cool parts of the turbo system. With this layout, the turbocharger and hot exhaust are at the top and rear of the engine but the intake and charged air are still located at the front of the engine for the performance desired.

With Mercedes-AMG making use of this engine layout they are able to offer a sleeker design to their cars and keep the sporty style that we’ve come to love with the engines up front rather than placing them in the rear of the vehicle. Learn more about how this engine works by checking out the video below so that you can see what makes a difference for the power you want and how this tighter build can do to give you the power you’re looking for. If you want a car that provides the most efficient use of turbocharging, choose one with the “Hot V” layout.



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