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A Car That Should Have More Miles on It

A Car That Should Have More Miles on It

The world we live in has become one of the different schools of thought when it comes to cars. For most of us, if we purchased a brand new sports car we would drive the car, show it off, and try to see what the car is capable of either on some open road or at the tracks in our area. For some, the thought of buying a new car means putting that car in storage and allowing the car to retain its pristine look and feel over time to allow the car to increase in value.

If you’ve ever collected sports cards, model cars from Hot Wheels or Matchbox, or coins, you know the value of an item being in perfect condition and being protected. In the case of collectible toys the value shows in a toy that remains in its packaging to be admired and shown off, but not played with. This was the same thought process with one version of a car that certainly feels like it should have and could have been driven for many more miles than it has been, but this car might be the best-kept version of what was built.

The Car That Remains

The 1970s showed us a famous film which starred Burt Reynolds. This film was Smokey and the Bandit and the star of the movie, other than the actors that played various characters, was the black Trans Am that Reynolds drove around in. At the time nearly every teenager in America wanted to purchase one of these cars, but most couldn’t put the money together to own one. One teen that was able to purchase this car was William Leland III and he purchased a 1979 Trans Am model but he didn’t drive this car.

Now known as the Leland Trans Am, this car was purchased for a $10,000 loan that his father co-signed for him. At this price, the car was equipped with nearly $3,500 worth of options which included a three-speed automatic transmission, air conditioning, velour upholstery, the WS6 suspension, and more. The only item this car didn’t have that Reynolds had in the movie was the CB Radio that was used to communicate. This amazing car is now listed for sale at RK Motors in Charlotte, NC at a price of $160,000, making it one of the most expensive Trans Am models on the market.

What makes this particular Trans Am one that’s so expensive? While you can purchase a Trans Am from the 1970s for a song and a dance because many of these cars have been beaten, battered, and driven hard, this one wasn’t. The total number of miles on the odometer of this car is 65. When it was purchased, Leland drove it from the dealer to his house which is where it stayed for many years until he moved at which time he drove it another 20 miles to his new home. The car was idled and driven for a short distance over the next 17 years and the final miles were put on it when his father took possession of the car after Leland died. Now, this car is up for public auction for a serious fan to purchase and enjoy.

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