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Leaders that Are Becoming More Stylish

Leaders that Are Becoming More Stylish

If the brands of Toyota, Honda and Nissan didn’t want to change the style and upgrade the performance of the Camry, Accord or Altima, we would still buy them because these are three of the sales leaders when it comes to the midsized sedan market. Thankfully, all three of these brands have chosen to bring more style and choices to these cars to make them more than just something you want to enjoy and drive on the road. These three sedans have become engaging in their own right in order to be cars that we want to see and experience.

The newest member of this trio that will be restyled to give us an upgraded appearance while also adding more performance to the mix is the Honda Accord. This car will be an early release model for the 2018 model year which will come to the market to make its official debut on July 14. This car will be the next phase of the tenth generation of the Accord that allows this car to continue to be sold at a high number and be the one that will allow you to have one of the most impressive cars that we’ll see in this class.

The new look has only been offered to us in a teaser sketch that gave us a look at new and dramatic styling and a hint at some of the features we want to have on a car that’s new for us to enjoy out on the road. This car has been redone from the ground up to be a work of art and one of the most impressive looking cars we’ll see when we’re searching for the car that will be able to make a huge impact in our daily driving experience on the road.

Of course, just the look won’t be enough to make this car more dynamic and a better ride for us, but Honda already knew that. This new Accord will be offered with three new powerful and more fuel-efficient engines to get the drive you want. This will include two direct-injected turbocharged engines that will probably make use of the new ten-speed automatic transmission, the CVT or a six-speed manual. There will also be a hybrid engine that will power the two motor hybrid powertrain to give you more of the fuel mileage than you’d ever expected to have.

The Honda Accord has been and will continue to be one of the most important models for the Honda brand all around and it will make a huge difference for you on the road. This new car is on its way and will be ready for you to drive next month. Are you ready to upgrade your midsized sedan and want a car that will have the quality look and the impressive driving performance that you need? If so, this is the car you want to enjoy out on the road and the one you need to check out at your local Honda dealer next month.

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