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Keeping it Real with the Demon

Keeping it Real with the Demon

Higher priced vehicles have had a tendency over the course of time to be victimized by dealers adding more features and equipment to them at the back end and Dodge doesn’t want that to happen to the Demon. In some cases, this can be called price gouging and the more expensive a vehicle is the easier it is for dealers to get away with a bit of a price increase over the MSRP to make a bit more profits on the vehicle. To ensure dealers help customers have the new Demon for the right price, Dodge has spoken.

In order to protect the price of the car, which is already set at the $86,090 MSRP, the folks at Dodge have stated that all vehicles sold at or below this price point will be put into the priority production list and will be built first. This means if you purchase a Demon and you pay more than this price you’re going to be on the list to be built after the priority production has been completed, putting you at the back of the line rather than near the front. This is a great way for Dodge to encourage dealers to stick to the MSRP when selling the Demon.

The next question for anyone interested in this car is to learn whether or not their dealer will have any Demons for sale. In order for a dealer to have an allocation of the 3,000 Demon models that will be sold in the US or the 300 that will be offered in Canada, a dealer first must have sold more than one of the SRT Hellcat models in the past year. The allocation will be based on 60 percent of the Hellcat sales and 40 percent of the Charger and Challenger sales.

The ordering process will be limited to this allocation and customers will have to sign a special acknowledgment document before the sale is completed. This document is one that will provide a detailed list of safety considerations for the Demon and the features offered while also helping to determine the priority production based upon the contract price of the sale. The Demon Concierge hotline which gives potential owners a line of communication and a web portal that can be accessed through that makes it easy for you to track your vehicle’s build throughout the process.

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is an 840 horsepower monster that is an amazing performance machine that only a few will get to enjoy and own for the 2018 model year. If you’re looking to get in line and be considered for this car you need to make sure you check the price being asked and find out if your nearby dealer will have any allocation of this car in order to give you the quality drive and performance you want. This is a car that will absolutely rip off the fastest times at the track and it could be the most exciting car you’ve ever driven.

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