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Improving the Sport Models from Audi

Improving Audi Sport Models

Two of the most impressive performance models on the market that make a great deal different driving performance for you are the Audi R8 and the Audi TT.

Both are considered to be sports cars and are obviously so, and now Audi has made it possible for there to be more performance offered for both of these vehicles to give you exactly what you’re looking for on the road and at the track. This package is made to help offer more performance and qualities that we want to enjoy during an amazing drive wherever we find ourselves.

These performance kits can be had from the factory which makes this a package of upgrades that you’ll love and it will carry in the amazing addition of speed and the protection of the factory warranty. The first part of what can be had for these two is e the aero kits that are offered. These kids were tested in a wind tunnel and provided 551 pounds of downforce at 205 mph for the R8, making it even better at handling the rip roaring laps around the track. All of the parts will be made of carbon fiber reinforced polymer for the R8 and some on the TT will be plastic, but most will be made from the carbon fiber as well.

Other items that are being upgraded include the sport brake linings that are offered, titanium brake carriers for the Audi R8 while the TT will have steel front brake discs and improved cooling kits. Both of these cars are offered with the two and three-way coilover suspension kits and sport tires that improve the handling will be added to the TT. There will also be a rear cross-member reinforcement bar for the TT that adds more rigidity to the car for the drive.

In the engine area, the exhaust will be improved to carry the Audi Sport exhaust kit that has been designed by Akrapovic for the TT and TT RS with an ultralight muffler. This improvement will save weight and improve the sound of both the 2.0 and 2.5-liter engines from under the hood. Inside the cabin the comfort will be improved with an Alcantara sport steering wheel with a red marking at the 12 o’clock position, carbon shift paddles and a carbon rear cross brace for the TT. This cross brace replaces the rear seats in the TT which saves 44 pounds and improves the torsional rigidity of the car.

The R8 and TT are the performance models from Audi and they are getting better for you to drive right from the factory. These performance upgrades are being offered and will make their way into these models later this summer. The Audi Sport parts will be offered on other models in the future as well, but there hasn’t been any announcement yet as to whether or not these parts will make their way to the US on the R8 or TT models we see on sale here.

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