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BMW is Getting You More Connected Than Ever

BMW Connected +

As we now live in a world where we rely heavily on our smartphones for the connectivity we enjoy on the road it’s important that the car we drive help us be just as connected the way we want to be. There isn’t any reason for you to be left without the connection you want and the ability to secure the functionality you need, even on the road. With this in mind, BMW is looking to be considered a tech company that has devices you drive, which sounds a bit far-fetched, but is actually the way they want to view their vehicles going forward.

With this in mind, BMW has created a new Connected + that will make sure you are always connected and always informed of what you need. To start with this system will connect with your smartphone and let you know your fuel levels and if you don’t have enough for the journey, it will suggest places to stop for the fill up you need. This is just the beginning of how this new system will help you have the connectivity you want and make sure you can get where you need to go.

Another common sense aspect of the Connected + system will be a feature that is called Last Mile/First Mile. This is a navigation feature that will move the duties to your phone while you walk from your vehicle to your destination as the Last Mile feature. Once you’re done at your meeting or destination, using the First Mile aspect of this feature you can get back to your car by knowing right where it’s parked. This will come in as an extremely handy feature for those times when you park in an unfamiliar place and need to be able to find your car when you’re done.

This new system will also help you with your schedule and make sure you know when to leave for your meeting so that you don’t arrive late at all. This system will use the real-time traffic data to let you know when to leave so you will be on time, making it easier for you to arrive when you should. In addition to reading and using your schedule, the Connected + system will analyze your address book and all you’ll have to do is tell it where you want to go with the person’s name or phone number and you will have directions to their location.

Eventually, you’ll be able to make Skype calls while on the go with this new system to make sure you can have a meeting in your car if necessary. There will be secure email access running in the background along with a calendar that will make it so that you can schedule a meeting using voice commands. This new Connected + system will put us in our cars and let us feel like we’re making our way to the future and have the connectivity we need.

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