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The Valkyrie is Almost Ready

The Valkyrie is almost ready

Those few lucky customers that have a build slot reserved for the Aston Martin Valkyrie might not have to wait too much longer. The company has revealed they are nearly 95 percent finished with the exterior design which offers a look that would rival any hypercar on the market. In addition to the racing style of the outside, the interior is bathed in lightweight materials as well to make sure those who drive this car can take full advantage of the impressive build and exceptional design and feel of this amazing car that will soon be ready to head to the production floor.

Underneath the car you can see full-length Venturi tunnels which provide the downforce needed to keep this car planted firmly on the surface of any track. The idea is to avoid the need for additional aerodynamic features on top of the car to allow a flow and continuity of structure that can be experienced and enjoyed. The only additional qualities to help with downforce on the upper body structure are the openings in the surface between the cockpit and the front wheels which help to achieve even greater front downforce for this amazing vehicle.

When you take a look at the Valkyrie you’ll notice there aren’t any side mirrors. Instead of mirrors Aston Martin has installed a pair of cameras that capture this view and feed it in real time to a screen mounted at each A-pillar to help the driver have the desired view. The same is done for the rearview as well. When it comes to the headlights the team found a way to use materials that are 30 to 40 percent lighter than any of the series production headlights they use to make saving weight a priority. They even found a way to save weight with in came to the “wings” badge that’s affixed to the nose of the car with a badge that is 99.4 percent lighter than the regular enamel wings.

The cockpit features a pair of lightweight seats that are mounted directly to the tub to help create the interior space needed. This means there won’t be any seat adjustments being made, so a driver will need to make sure they can fit inside before attempting to drive off in the car. The switchgear needed to control the car is located on the steering wheel and the design is simple enough make racing possible without distraction, but comfortable enough to ensure you have what you would want on the drive in the country.

While this new look and the details of what the Valkyrie will bring isn’t complete, it’s awfully close to what we will have when the final product is delivered to customers that have put their money out for this amazing car. This is a car that will absolutely be sought after for many years as one of the lightest and most advanced hypercars that’s been offered on the market. This car will be a lot of fun to watch once we begin to see it turn laps on a track.

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