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Keeping Up with the Name

Keeping up with the name: Jaguar E-Pace

It’s important for the brands that live in the upper areas of the market to be able to continue to do so with some of the most impressive models offered on the market. In order to do this, the models offered have to undergo extreme testing in order to live up to the standards set by the brand and the extremely discerning customers that want to have vehicles that are right for the drive and the quality expected. One of the names that comes to mind at the top of these lists is Jaguar and they want you to know what they’ve done.

Jaguar is ready to unveil their new small SUV which is the E-Pace. This SUV will be part of the compact luxury SUV market and play in an area that is smaller than the current F-Pace that we already know and love. In order for this new SUV to be the right one to be offered, the E-Pace was put through a grueling testing program that lasted a full 25 months. This wasn’t a testing program that only offered a few tests on the testing areas of the Jaguar facilities; it spanned a much wider area.

In order to make sure the new E-Pace would be able to adhere to the new “Art of Performance” philosophy; Jaguar used 150 different prototypes and took them to four different continents to perform the testing needed. This SUV was tested on tracks such as the Nardo test circuit, at the Arctic Circle and in the desert. As you would expect, the E-Pace was put through the ringer at Nurburgring as well as it was pushed to run over 400 laps of this historic course that made it one of the highest performing models out on the tracks around the world.

Not only was the E-Pace put to the test at the tracks, it also was exposed to extreme temperatures and conditions. The temperatures dropped to as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit and rose to as much as 118.4 degrees. This was a model that we even submerged in a 16-foot deep pool of water with the engine offer for an hour. Amazingly, when the testers returned to the SUV, the vehicle started and was able to be driven out of the pool with ease, making it through one of the toughest tests that any vehicle has ever endured.

This is an SUV that is certainly a part of the Jaguar performance DNA and you can see the results of some of the testing that’s been performed in the video below. Take a look at this video and get ready to admire with the new E-Pace is as Jaguar unveils it to us in the next few days. We’ll be able to make this the right SUV for the driving we want to experience in order to have the ride desired and the performance quality we want that will go along with the elegance that Jaguar has to offer us. This SUV certainly will be the “Art of Performance” after being put through the ringer by this team.




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