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Don’t Underestimate These Cars

Don't underestimate these cars...

Do you get the respect you deserve? Have you ever been underestimated only to perform at a top level and show that you can get the job done? That’s how some cars feel when they don’t receive the respect they deserve or are offered the chance to perform. Given the chance, these cars will be able to give you the ride you want and offer you the performance you’ve been looking for but they haven’t been ones that you typically choose. Check out these underestimated cars that can be the right vehicle for you to enjoy the drive on a daily basis.

Acura RLX Sport HybridThis car looks to be something plain and makes you wonder why Acura offers it at all. The Sport Hybrid version carries a lot of what you want even in this subdued style. Let this car show off with the 377 horsepower and the torque vectoring you need to make sure you can enjoy the dynamic performance of this great car.

Buick Verano TurboThis is the Buick that you buy when you want to enter this premium brand, but it’s not the best representation of what Buick has for you unless you choose the Turbo mode. This sedan makes it easy to enjoy the dynamic ride you’ll have with 250 horsepower and a six-speed manual transmission that can give you the quality and fun that you want.

Cadillac XTSIf you normally take your family or friends along for the ride, this is the car that is great for you to choose and let your passengers know you thought of them. This is a car that has the drive that’s right and the comfort that your passengers will love. If you do want more power there is a 420 horsepower model that will make it easy to love.

Dodge JourneyThis is an older platform of an SUV that dates back to when Pontiac and Mercury were part of the brands we knew and loved. Even so, this is an SIV that can be enjoyed when you choose the Pentastar V6 engine and head out on the road in a vehicle that can confidently carry seven and show off the way you want it to.

Honda RidgelineThis is a truck that many have become polarized by. Those that think this isn’t a real truck tend to hate it, but if you want a truck that has a smoother drive and still brings you some of the capabilities you want, this is the right one for you. Let this unibody construction and interesting features be the truck that you enjoy on the road.

Honda CR-ZAs a model that’s no longer built, you can still find these cars and have some fun. This was a car that was doomed from the start, but you can be entertained by the hybrid powertrain and the sporty good looks offered in this car. You’ll find some dynamic and fun driving aspects that make this a great choice for you.

Infiniti QX50Don’t underestimate this small SUV, it offers you the look and feel that makes it a vehicle that you can drive and feel confident tin. You’ll enjoy the torque vectoring and the AWD that make this a dynamic small crossover SUV that can be easy to love and fun to drive on the road wherever you happen to live.

Lincoln NavigatorSometimes this SUV is underestimated because of the variety of models in this class that we know better. Even so, this is a comfortable, feature filled model of the Navigator that offers you a powertrain that can get the job done and still bring the boat and eight people where you want to go for the fun in the sun.

Mitsubishi OutlanderThis small three-row SUV offers you the power of a strong V6 engine and a look that you’ll love. This brand may be having trouble in the US, but the Outlander continues to be one of the best choices you can make. Don’t overlook this vehicle, it has the items you want and the qualities you’ll easily admire.

Smart FortwoThis car was recently updated to become a better version of what it was. Yes, this is still one of the smallest vehicles on the market and it makes a difference for you when you’re looking for something efficient that can fit everywhere. You may even find yourself having a bit of fun from behind the wheel of this tiny car.

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