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The Bugatti Brand Hypercar Network is Different from What We’re Used To

Do you ever wonder how the highest priced vehicles on the world are sold? For the most part you might expect these cars to be preordered by some of the wealthiest people in the world and then delivered right to their doorstep without the need for a dealership network at all. In some cases you might be correct, but for a brand that’s established having a dealership network, whether it is a small one or a large one, can help that brand gain a foothold and a presence in many areas of the world.  Take for instance the Bugatti brand.

The Bugatti brand is such a name as one that does have a few dealerships. The global network for this brand has reached fifteen as this brand has recently opened its Dubai locations in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This dealership shows off the look you expect and the feeling that you want for the car you’re ready to drive. Al Habtoor Motors is the official partner that has bene set up in the area and the showroom is impressive and the right way to showcase the latest items that Bugatti has to offer and enjoy at this high price.

The entrance to this showroom has the legendary horseshoe shape in the doorway to welcome you in and the specially designed lounge if built to feature furniture from the Bugatti Home Collection. This exquisite and elegantly built location is where there have been thirty orders for the Chiron already placed which makes it the most important dealership in the network for this automaker. These thirty orders account for a full 26 percent of the orders for this car and allow the wealthy in the region to have a great place to buy the car they want to drive or show off to their friends.

Thirty cars ordered, one model on sale, specialized furniture and a network of only fifteen dealerships and you will see what the Chiron can be and how the Bugatti brand is successful without being a volume sale that are offered at other brands. This gives you an idea of what exclusivity can be for a vehicle brand that we admire around the world. Even though this car is one that will only be built in a limited quantity, the service and the personal touch of a dealership for the Bugatti brand make this car a possibility for those with the cache to buy this car.

In the Dubai area there is a need to have locations that sell the hypercars and the models that are exclusive and offered at an extremely high price. More of these wealthy shoppers find their way to these locations and are able to choose from a Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini or other exclusive and high priced hyper car. This is certainly nothing like the feeling of heading to your local Ford or Chevy dealership in your town, but these high priced hypercars do need a place to be sold; their dealerships are just a bit different from what most of us experience on a daily basis.

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