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Toyota is Winning Big Awards

05.31.17 - Toyota Prius Prime

The most popular hybrid car in the world is the Toyota Prius and the new Prius Prime has been named a car that you can easily admire and enjoy. This car is honored as a car that will make a huge difference in the element of cars that are environmentally friendly and right for the drive for you. The new Toyota Prius Prime has been named the World Green Car as the 2017 award winner which was announced at the New York International Auto Show. This is certainly a source of pride for the team at Toyota as this version of the Prius is honored.

This isn’t the first time a Toyota model has won the World Green Car Award, the Toyota Mirai won the same award only a year ago to give the brand two brands in a row. This honor is certainly a testament to the focus on development of the products that make a difference in the market and offer vehicles that are able to keep the environment in the front of your mind. Not only is the Prius Prime an efficient hybrid model that you’ll enjoy, this is a car that offers you the ride you’ve been looking for.

The new Prius Prime was chosen from a list of twelve vehicles that were offered from automakers around the world. The factors considered for this award include tailpipe emissions, fuel consumption, the use of an advanced power technology other than the engine, an increase in environmental responsibility and a few more factors that help make this the car that won the award this year. For you this means the Toyota Prius Prime could be the car that you want to drive and enjoy on the road, especially since you know this car is the one that makes a difference in the environment for you.

Toyota has been a mainstay in the World Car Award program which has now been around for thirteen years. Not only did the Mirai win last year, but the Prius won “Top Three in the World” status in 2010 for being the World Green Car and the overall World Car of the year. The GT86 was a “Top Three in the World” finalist for the 2013 World Car of the Year and the Toyota iQ was considered for the same in 2009 while the Toyota Harrier Hybrid was the 2006 World Green Car.

With the number of years Toyota has been winning the awards from this World Car Awards program you can trust that you’ll have a great car to drive when you choose one from Toyota. Go ahead and choose the impressive Toyota Prius Prime that has won the World Green Car Award so that you can have the right vehicle to drive. Take a look at this car from your nearby Toyota dealership and find the car that will give you the impressive drive you want to enjoy on the road. You’ll be amazed at how this brand makes driving better for you.

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