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Someone Needs to Get it Right

05.08.17 - Hand on Head

We’ve done it for years and for those from the original locations the actions we’ve taken can become rather annoying. What am I talking about; pronunciation of the name of a car brand. The same can be true of the names we have for ourselves and for the most part the automakers from the brands we’re mispronouncing won’t correct us, but we still want to say the names of the different brands of the automobiles we see on the market the right way. If pronunciation is important to you then you’ll love the video linked below.

Instead of treating car brands like the immigrants were treated when they arrive at Ellis Island, we want to enjoy the correct pronunciation of the cars we love the drive. One of the worst pronunciations is the name Porsche. This is only one example, but the brand actually made a short video not too long ago to teach use how to say the name the right way. Rather than changing the name of Porsche to what might be an acceptable Anglo Saxon name that we can say easily in the US we simply need to know how to say the name the right way.

There are benefits to knowing how to say the name of a brand the right way. Not only will the brand name sound more accurate rolling off your tongue, but you’ll impress those that you do see from the home country of the brand when you say the name the right way. These folks will feel like you’re at least offering a modicum of respect for the brand by offering the correct pronunciation of the name of a brand from their home country. Of course the opposite is true if you happen to do what’s happened in this video.

In the video the producers found someone from the home country or brand of a variety of automotive brands in order to give us the right pronunciation of a variety of brands from around the world. Thankfully, the folks who were asked to say the names of the different brands of a variety of countries were pretty good sports about the whole thing and told us the right way to say the brands from their home country. As you can tell during the video, these names that were stated correctly were certainly a source of pride for those who were asked to make the video.

Even though the video may be in a language you don’t understand, hearing the names said correctly so that you can hear exactly the way the name is supposed to be said is good for all of us. That way we can understand the right way to say BMW, Porsche, Aston Martin and even Ford during the video. Check out the different pronunciations and practice the right way to say these names so that when you have the opportunity to say them the right way, you’ll be ready to offer your expertise on the subject.

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