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A Jeep Concept that Brings the Future

05.26.17 - Jeep Yuntu

While most of us think of the Jeep brand as one that is only for the off road SUVs that we want to drive in the wilderness and explore, there are going to be several new models with more technology than we’ve seen in the market in the past. Jeep will begin to take steps forward to be more the just and off roading, rock crawling, trail riding brand, it will eventually embrace some of the same technological advancements we expect to see on the market from some of the other brands in the industry.

There are times when we can see what the future of our brands may hold by looking at what is being offered in other markets. Because Jeep is a global brand and now is sold in many areas of the world, a new reveal at the Shanghai Auto Show as a vehicle that might only be solid in the Chinese market for the time being isn’t as far-fetched as you might think. That’s what’ happening with Jeep and the new model that is showing up as a concept at this show will be one that could eventually make its way to the US market as well.

The new concept that will make its way to the stage will be the Jeep Yuntu which appears to be a model that will appear to look like the Jeep Cherokee with a stretched platform that will eventually fit seven seats inside. Form the outside, at least based upon the sketches that have already been shown to us. This new platform will fit the Yuntu and be right for the vehicle to offer you the classic Jeep features that you would enjoy on the road in your area, but this SUV will be more than just good looks.

In order to embrace the future and be part of the next wave of technology, the Jeep Yuntu will offer self-driving technology and have the internet connectivity that you want along with some biometric security measures in place. This sounds like a lot of advancements already, but there are easy enough ways to have these items that we see on the market already. It’s good to see the Jeep team embracing these items on the market in order to make the Jeep Yuntu be an SUV that’s offered with more of what you want.

Other than these technological improvements, one of the main aspects of this SUV that will make it something that doesn’t seem to fit into the Jeep family, but can pave the way forward for Jeep is the fact that the Yuntu will be a plug-in hybrid model. This means you’ll have some EV driving that you can do in this big SUV and will have more efficiency than you’ve experienced in the past. As a Jeep model, this concept is giving the brand an important step forward and making it possible for the brand to be more than just an off road brand.

Once the Yuntu is a production model for the Chinese market we can see the vehicle in action. The only question will be whether or not this SUV will be offered as a Jeep brand model or be one that’s badged by Chrysler as an SUV that adds to the lineup that has been trimmed down to only three models in total. When this SUV makes its way to the US market it’s expected to be built in the Belvedere, IL plant along with the Jeep Cherokee from which it actually enjoys some of the same looks and features.

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