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Some Cars Just Aren’t Built for That

04.20.17 - Smart ForTwo Electric Drive

When you want to drive you need a car that’s built for the road. Thankfully, as modes of transportation, cars are a great way to get around and the roads are built for the large number of vehicles that are out there. If you’re just looking for a great way to get from point A to point B you’ll find that any car can get the job done. How you feel going from one place to another and the capability of your car is part of what makes driving enjoyable and can give you a great ride.

If you’re looking for a car that can handle the job of doing burnouts and leaving huge trails of black smoke and marks on the pavement what car are you looking for? How about choosing the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive? Would this be the car you want to drive if you want to lay down a thick layer of rubber on the pavement? It could be but there would be a lot more to what can happen when you want to put down the burnout that will impress your friends and let them see what your car can do.

This may not be your first choice of vehicles to lay down burnouts that are amazing and impressive to show off to your friends, but the Hoonigan team showed exactly how the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive can put down some impressive burnouts. What does it take to put the layer of rubber down that you want to in this car? That’s what this team tried to find out with the video below, but if you want to do the same thing, you better set some time aside to take up most of your day.

This team took the small and light electric vehicle and figured out how to disable the traction control and then overinflated the rear tires. That wasn’t enough to get the job done and the tires still wouldn’t slip enough to create a burnout. They didn’t give up though, the soaked the tires in water and that didn’t help so then they tried WD-40, still that wasn’t enough. Finally, the team had to overcome the horsepower and create the position that would make the tires smoke and burn on the road, but they finally figured it out and show it off in the video below.

Yes, performing a burnout with this much work is somewhat of a pointless task except to point out this is not the car to try and have a burnout in. The reality is, if you want to enjoy a real burnout in a car that’s built to do it, you need to check out some of the high powered sports cars that are on the market for you to choose from. Check out this video and enjoy what it took for this Hoonigan team had to do just to get this small car to be able to lay down some rubber.

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