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More Top Gear; More Fun

03.24.17 - Top Gear

Top Gear has been a favorite on BBC for over twenty seasons as the show you turn to when you’re looking for a great show to enjoy some cars and what the presenters can do with them. For many years this show featured a trio of Brits that were great on the screen and with each other. Their knowledge of cars was only outperformed by the witty banter they had with each other that made us want to tune in and see what they would discuss each week. This went on for many seasons but some changes have been made recently.

Ever since the original trio left and moved on to the new Amazon series, The Grand Tour, BBC has been looking for the right combination to make Top Gear more fun and more of the show that we’ve loved for the past twenty-plus seasons. There have been a variety of different hosts that have come and gone which BBC has hoped would catch on and be the right grouping for the show, but so far the success level of the show has dwindled and it seems the new Amazon show has caught on like wildfire.

One of the benefits that Top Gear can have over The Grand Tour is the world wide access to broadcasting. In order to view The Grand Tour you have to subscribe to Amazon Prime while your regular cable or satellite provider can have BBC as part of your regular subscription channels without you needing to have an additional subscription to another service. If BBC has the right trio and the cars that will amaze us this show could regain much of its previous success and following without much trouble at all. This puts Top Gear in a great position to capture our attention, but are they doing the right things to gain this following?

The new presenters of Top Gear will be Chris Harris, Rory Reid and Matt LeBlanc which seems like a fantastic trio. If you enjoyed the shouting of Chris Evans in the past you will miss this part of the show, but you may seriously enjoy the way the trio at the new Top Gear can work together to be a great threesome on the screen that will give you the look and feel of the show that we’ve missed in the past.

Of course, the cars are the real starts of the show and the cars you see in this trailer video are just a few of the models that will be featured and discussed during the show on a weekly basis. This new show will begin airing on March 12 on BBC and give us a great look at the cars we want to see, and some we don’t, while we also enjoy the feel and the way this show gives us the banter between the cast that can make us laugh and think at the same time. This is a show that we’ve loved in the past and one that looks like it will be right for us to enjoy going forward as well.

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