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03.08.17 - Chrysler Pacifica

Logically, the Chrysler Pacifica is the most important minivan to be created in several years. In an automotive market that has been quickly deleting minivans over the past several years this model is one that is meant to reinvigorate the minivan market with a brand new look and feel from Chrysler. With the creation of the Pacifica, Chrysler has now come up with the most technologically advanced minivan on the market and the one that offers you more of what you need for your growing family. For 2017 the Pacifica brings us a vehicle that is extremely hard to ignore, which is certainly how Chrysler wants you to feel when you see this minivan.

There’s plenty of space for you and your family inside the Pacifica. You have the benefit of several charging ports, the Stow-N-Go seating and multiple grocery bag hooks in the back of the vehicle to give you a place to hang your bags. For those sitting in the middle row a console is offered with storage that’s needed for computer tablets and charging. Up front you have the largest Uconnect touchscreen offered in the FCA family to give you an easy to use and see system that can control what you need in the vehicle.

When you discuss technology you also want to know how the cabin will sound both with regards to the exterior noise and with the use of the audio system. The Pacifica offers you a 20-speaker Harman/Kardon sound system and a quiet cabin to give you the sound that’s perfect for you no matter what you like to listen to. Other tech aboard this vehicle includes the exterior camera system and the parking aids that can park the van for you no matter the type of parking spot you’re trying to get into.

Under the hood the Pacifica offers you a powerful engine and the best fuel mileage in the minivan class. This means you have an engine that can get you wherever you need to go and provide you with the benefit 22 mpg combined which is impressive for a vehicle that’s made to haul around an entire family and all their gear. Not only do you have the benefits of the engine, fuel mileage, tech and storage, the Pacifica actually undercuts some of the competition when it comes to price, making it an affordable minivan for you.

The standard offerings for the Pacifica LX include 17-inch wheels, tri-zone automatic climate controls, remote keyless entry, a rearview camera, a five-inch touchscreen, Bluetooth connectivity, cruise control, power windows and locks, a power driver’s seat and heated outside mirrors. That’s a pretty good list of features considering this is the base model for this minivan. You can move up to the Limited model and have leather upholstery, a larger screen for the infotainment system and much more. This makes it easy to see how the Pacifica can be the right van for your family, especially when you consider this tech and comfort is matched with the engine that brings you 287 horsepower and 262 lb.-ft. of torque.

There are other upgrades offered for the Chrysler Pacifica as well, but you can see from what I’ve described this is a minivan that’s important to the market. With the new Chrysler Pacifica on the market the minivan segment can continue to move forward and be a healthy part of the automotive market. The new Pacifica is great for the family that’s just not ready to ride around in an SUV and prefers the creature comfort and connectivity a minivan with impressive technology offers them. It’s time for you to check one out today and see if this is the right vehicle for you.

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