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A New Aston Martin Hypercar

03.20.17 - Aston Martin Valkyrie

When it comes to the power you want and the high performance that will make a huge difference for you to enjoy the ride, if you’re looking for a high powered supercar that will make a difference on the track, you need to consider the possibility of the new hypercar from Aston Martin. This new car is the AM-RB 001 and it’s a hybrid hypercar that comes with a naturally aspirated V12 engine and is called the Valkyrie. With a gorgeous shape and outstanding rid that you’ll love to see and enjoy this is a great car to witness at the track.

This new hypercar makes its debut at the Geneva Motor Show and gives us a look and feel for what this car might be. Why what it might be? Because the Valkyrie is a car that could easily be one that will have 1,000 horsepower or more but the one brought to Geneva for us to admire isn’t anywhere near complete. This car is still in speculation mode, but from what it sowed at Geneva that speculation will be that this car could be on the track soon and be ready to make some fast laps around the track.

Just looking at this awesome car you’ll see a low front splitter, a sleek design that’s low and fast and parts that come from some of the most impressive automotive names in the world. The Valkyrie has been long in the development and hasn’t been finished yet, but it’s a car we can easily dream about and see what it might be when it’s finally finished and ready for the track where we’ll love to see this car perform. Most of those who will buy this awesome hypercar will keep it as part of their collection, but for those who will actually enjoy the ride in this awesome car, the experience should be amazing.

As with many hypercars two of the questions that you ask we can answer right now. One of those being how much this car will weight and the other being how many of these cars will be built. To answer the first part, the car is expected to weight nearly 2,000 pounds and for the second part there will only be around 150 of these cars built. That certainly brings out another way this type of car will bring up a question and that’s the cost, which you can expect to be high with this limited number of cars.

As we head closer to when the Valkyrie is actually on the market it seems you might not be able to get in line to buy this car because of the limited availability. In fact, the number that’s going to be built has already been completely reserved by those who will be able to afford these cars to add to their already extensive collections of vehicles. We’ll get the chance to understand this car more as its closer to launch and hopefully have the chance to actually see and hear this car in action sometime soon.

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