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More Proof that Mazda Offers Great Value

02.10.17 - Mazda6

While the models from Mazda have an impressive list of driving dynamics and the benefit of the SkyActiv engine lineup the question still may come up as to whether or not these vehicles are offing you’re a value. Considering Mazda plays in the same class as most of the other popular brands such as Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Kia, Hyundai and several others you may want to know how these vehicles stack up against the models that are offered from other automakers. The fact that four models from Mazda have won some top honors recently is proof these models are right for the drive and offer the value we want.

The honors bestowed upon the four models of Mazda that came out as winners were the Consumer Guide Automotive 2017 Best Buy Award. This award represents a balance between the attributes of the vehicle and the value as compared to the class. These vehicles are evaluated in regards to the price, features, performance, accommodations, fuel economy, reliability records, and resale value. These are all key components to whether or not a vehicle is one that will provide you with the value you want and create the feel that makes a difference in the market.

The four that stood out from Mazda are:

2017 Mazda3As one of the most active and engaging rides in the compact car class, the Mazda3 took home honors as the Compact Car Class Winner. The package and versatility of the Mazda 3 make a huge difference for this impressive little car.

2017 Mazda6The larger sedan in the Mazda lineup is the Mazda6 which offers you more space and features than you’d expect on a car of this caliber which won the Midsize Car Class for this award. The Mazda6 continues to be one of our favorites when it comes to this class and what we want to be able to enjoy on the road.

2017 Mazda CX-3As the subcompact crossover SUV of the Mazda lineup the CX-3 offers you the small platform with the fun drive that you want to be balanced with the space of an SUV. This vehicle won in the Subcompact Crossover/SUV Class to give us a great model to appreciate and enjoy on the road and one that can easily make a huge difference for us when we want a small vehicle that offers the space we want.

2017 Mazda MX-5 MiataThere still isn’t another roadster on the market that can compare to the Miata. This car won in the Sporty/Performance Class, which is quite a challenge for this car considering its limited amount of power. The pure joy and fun of driving that is part of what the Miata brings to the market make a huge difference in making this a winner for Mazda. This is the perfect car for some top down laps around the track or to cruise on an open road and as such it was a clear winner in this category.

None of these cars won in a class by themselves or in one that didn’t have stiff competition. The Consumer Guide Automotive team drives more than 150 models each year across the automotive market to come up with those that meet the standards to be awarded these class winner trophies. The fact that Mazda only has six vehicles in its lineup and four of them won top honors is certainly a tribute to the value-based performance that Mazda vehicles continue to provide us with a year in and years out. If you choose a Mazda, you’ve chosen a vehicle that’s going to give you great returns in the long run.

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