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2017 Chevrolet SS: A Sleeper that Wakes You Up

02.20.17 - Chevrolet SS

What is a sleeper when it comes to cars? Like a sleeper in any other format it’s a vehicle that does something unexpected to put a smile across your face. The Chevrolet SS has been a gorgeous and high performing sleeper sedan for so long it shouldn’t be considered a sleeper any longer, but it still surprises anyone who chooses this sedan for their driving enjoyment. When you take a look at what seems to be an unassuming sedan that’s perfect for your entire family, you’ll quickly know you have the model that’s right for you to drive and have some fun once you take the SS for a test drive.

Unfortunately, this is the last model year you’ll be able to buy the Chevrolet SS. After 2017 it will no longer be made by Holden for Chevrolet. That makes this an important car for you to choose this year if you love the idea of having something that wasn’t sold in large numbers on the market. The SS brings the RWD feel of a luxury sport sedan into a car that’s powered by a Corvette engine while using a sedan build that makes this a serious enigma.

While many other models have been celebrated as they are moved out of the market with higher performance special editions, no such item is being made for the SS that we’re aware of. Still, this car offers you a long list of standard feature to enjoy and shows up with the opportunity to have a manual transmission in a car that’s built to be the family car that will make your family scream with joy as they ride along. This is certainly a car that you can drive to the office on a daily basis and never raise an eyebrow of attention until you scream out of the parking lot on Friday with the wheels smoking behind you.

One engine, that’s all you have, which means you don’t have to make choices for power in this car, but that’s probably a good thing. This one engine is the 6.2-liter V8 which is powerful enough to provide you with 415 ponies and 415 lb.-ft. of torque. This is the most power you’ll find in a sedan in a class like this, making the SS a special car that you can absolutely admire. This impressive power is mated to either a six-speed automatic or manual transmission to give you the power to the rear wheels that you’re looking for in a great car.

As mentioned, this is a car that comes with an impressive list of standard features so that you can enjoy what the SS has to offer you during this final year in production. The standard equipment offered includes heated and cooled front seats, a nine-speaker Bose audio system , a Magnetic Ride Control Suspension, the Chevy MyLink infotainment system with an eight-inch touchscreen display, a navigation system, a rearview camera, the in car Wi-Fi through the OnStar system, blind spot monitoring, forward collision alerts, lane departure warnings, and a parallel parking system. One item you won’t find on many other vehicles in this class that gives you what you need is two years/24,000 miles of scheduled maintenance included in the vehicle.

While there aren’t many optional features for this gorgeous large sports sedan, there are a few that can make a difference for you on your drive. The manual transmission is optional as is the paint colors you can choose from, the power moonroof that can be added as well as the full-size spare tire that can be added instead of the inflation and sealant kit.

When you want a car that’s much better than it looks from the outside, the Chevrolet SS is the prime example of what you want. Not that this is an ugly car, it’s actually one of the most stylish sedans on the road, but when you consider what’s under the skin this is a car that should be bathed in a sports car body or a luxury badge, but is instead a fairly unassuming Chevrolet sedan. You better check this car out soon if you want to buy one, this is the final year of production for the SS and then there will be no more of this vehicular sleeper enigma for you.

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