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Unafraid to Buck the Trends

01.25.17 - Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat

You can love it or you can hate it but most of the auto industry has their nose stuck in the nerd side of things. Instead of putting the grease and grit time in to create more horsepower and have a powerful car that can race around the track many automakers are looking to create models that are more efficient, run on electricity or drive themselves. While this is certainly a large part of the future of the automotive world, the nerds can have their day and grease monkeys can get under the hood and find that one setting that will give them more power.

In a way, and most of you who have built your own cars may have never thought about this, being a mechanic or anyone who tinkers in the garage on the car they’re building is like be a nerd who’s good with their hands. It takes a massive amount of knowledge and skill to create vehicles that have the power and performance that make us feel the adrenaline rush that we want to feel on the road or on the track. I guess this would make Dodge the biggest grease monkey nerds of all.

In an effort to buck the system, at least for a little while, Dodge is working on and about ready to reveal a car that will be the next most powerful vehicle they’ve created for us to enjoy. This new car will be the Dodge Challenger Demon which is expected to have more power than the Hellcat ever had. This Demon name is one that was used in the past and the name will add the SRT moniker to it, which gives you an idea this car is meant for racing and superior performance on the road and on the track.

The new Dodge Challenger SRT Demon will be shown at the New York Auto Show in April of this year and it certainly has the brand excited about what they are bringing back to the fray. The Demon name was used in the 1970s and was used on the Dodge Dart in 1971 as a car that shared a body with the Plymouth Duster and featured a different grill and rear tail light assembly. The Demon came on two models, the base Demon and the Demon 340 both of which were wo door coupes that were powered by V8 engines for the race that you would love to take.

Dodge is showing off one teaser video per week until the auto show in New York where the entire car will be shown off. This seems to be a great way to have the excitement needed around the car that will be positioned above the Hellcat models which have captures our attention for the past few years. Regardless of how you feel about the nerds versus grease monkey argument, Dodge is certainly taking a different approach than that of lower emissions and higher fuel mileage to make the Challenger something even more impressive than ever before.

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