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The Kia Cadenza is the Right Luxury Car

01.25.17 - Kia Cadenza

Kia has revamped this luxury car for the 2017 model year and even though its base model starts out at a reasonable price with some impressive equipment, the model you want is the Limited version. This top of the range model starts out at a price above $40,000 but at that price for the equipment included, it’s a veritable bargain luxury model. If you haven’t driven the Cadenza in the past, now is the time to take a ride and enjoy this car and everything it has to offer.

Starting out under the hood, the Cadenza is powered by a 3.3-liter direct inject V6 engine that produces 290 horsepower. This engine is attached to a brand new eight-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters to give you a silky smooth ride and the fuel mileage rating of 20 city/28 hwy. This is also one of the only luxury cars on the road that comes in FWD, which can be a benefit for those of us who have never driven a RWD vehicle and are used to the power coming from the front wheels of the car. This powertrain makes for an energetic ride with plenty of power, which was one of the missing pieces from earlier models.

Once you get inside the Limited model of the Cadenza you’ll notice a large sunroof and a ton of comfort. Up front the driver’s seat is a 14-way power version to give you plenty of ways to adjust the seat. This seat even has a bottom cushion that extends for drivers with longer legs, making it a comfortable place for anyone to have the ride needed. All seats in this version of the Cadenza are heated to give you the warmth you want on a cold day.

The dashboard features a heated steering wheel and a two level look with an eight-inch touchscreen to give you the information you want. Buttons that control the Harman/Kardon radio and the climate controls are large and easy to use, even if you happen to have gloves on that morning. The camera system of this car brings you a 360 degree view of what’s around you along with the parking aids that you need to help you get in the spot with ease.

The safety features you’ll enjoy on the Limited trim include items such as dynamic cruise control, cross traffic alerts, lane departure warning and blind spot warning. This blind spot system is supposed to be so advanced that it can help you steer away from an accident if it detects you’re going to hit something in the area of the blind spots. This is a serious advantage on the Cadenza Limited because the blind spot on the passenger side of the vehicle is large.

In the back seat you can find comfort and might even fight to be able to sit in this area. There is a power rear sunscreen for the back window and manual ones for the side windows. The seats are supple and comfortable with tons of leg room. If you bring along a few friends everyone can bring some gear with them as well because the Cadenza has a large sixteen cubic foot trunk for you to store whatever you need inside.

While the price of this version of the Cadenza is several thousand more than the base model, you’ll love the tech and the equipment included on the Limited model. Not only will you know you’re in a luxury car with a smooth ride, but you’ll pay a lot less than others are paying for their luxury rides that have luxury badging on them. Make the smart choice and choose the Kia Cadenza Limited as your luxury ride; this is a car that will easily impress you.

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