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A Lego Set With a Classic Look

12.19.16 - Karmann Ghia

The fun of Legos is the creativity that can go into making something really cool from these blocks. Building with Legos goes back many decades and has grown into an empire of Lego Land locations around the world, themed kits that many of us love and even the classic blocks that allow you to create whatever you want. These building toys have been where many engineers have begun their love of building and creating in order to become successful in the field where they get to build and create on a full scale manner.

One of the most fun parts of building with Lego blocks is the fact that you can create a great new idea and possibly have it considered to become a kit that is used by the company. All you need is the ingenuity to build something new and different and show exactly how it was built while receiving the support votes it can become a kit from Lego. There are tons of great ideas out there than have been built and created into kits. One that’s looking to gain the votes needed to become the next car kit is a Karmann Ghia.

The original Karmann Ghia is a car that’s admired for its looks and design even though it wasn’t a fast car on the road. This is a car you can still find to drive for a reasonable price and it’s a classic that we’ve loved for many years. Whether you have and love your Karmann Ghia or just like the car, this new Lego set that could become a widely sold set is one that might be perfect for you. It’s a Karmann Ghia and it looks great while giving you impressive features to enjoy on this cool little car.

This new idea has been posted to the Lego Ideas website and if it reaches 10,000 votes it will be turned into the kit you want to be able to buy in the store. The creator of this set went to the trouble of making a roof that can be removed, and the frunk opens to show you a suitcase and a spare tire resting inside. When you look under the rear hood of the car you see an engine that looks really good and it can actually be removed from the car to have a closer look or display the car as if you’re trying to work on it.

If you want to see this car become a Lego kit you need to go to the Lego Ideas site and vote for this car. This is a cool set that someone spent a lot of time and effort to put together the way you would want it to be. Go to the site and check out the Karmann Ghia and give it your vote so a new generation of youngsters can enjoy one of the classic cool cars that we’ve seen on the market and now could be built out of our favorite Legos.

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