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Even Purists in the Truck World will Admire this Chevy

12.28.16 - Chevrolet Silverado HD

Most of the time a driving purist is a person who wants things back to the way they were many decades ago when engines were naturally aspirated, steering was a chore, braking systems could lock up and nothing was automated. The grumblings you hear year after year about the death of the manual transmission or the way power steering has changed driving make you wonder if things really were better in the golden olden days, but this new power beast from Chevrolet proves that to not be the case at all as this brute gives us more power than ever.

Turbocharging an engine typically has two benefits; more power and better fuel efficiency. When you need a workhorse of a pickup truck to get things done, both are important, but the power is the most important aspect needed. The new 2017 Silverado HD is being equipped with an engine that we’re familiar with, the 6.6-liter diesel engine from Duramax, but now it offers you the benefit of turbocharging to bring you more to enjoy from this big truck. With more power you will have much more confidence when you hook up a heavy trailer and head out for the drive that will make a difference in your experience.

This new turbocharging of the engine offers an all-new and stronger cylinder block as well as a new rotating assembly and control system for the turbo. These simple changes make it so this power hungry monster can achieve 445 horsepower and an insane 910 lb.-ft. of torque. This is an impressive nineteen percent increase over the current version of the 6.6-liter engine. With this added power you can haul nearly twenty percent more and have the confidence you need the truck can handle the load.

While there is more confidence and a better overall output, the new truck will offer quicker acceleration when pulling a trailer up a steep grade and provide better engine braking on the descent. You’ll also notice the noise levels that are more akin to what you want to hear on the highway as this truck feels and sounds like a powerful beast.

To aid this new engine there is also a new air intake system that pushes cool, dry air into the engine to provide better performance when the conditions get rough. The cooler air makes it possible for the engine to run better when there’s a load being pulled. This is extremely important when being used in conditions that cause the engine and transmission temperatures to rise quickly. With this air intake system the Duramax is able to maintain more power and speed during the tough conditions this truck can easily encounter.

This new engine of the Chevrolet Silverado HD offers you more power and confidence on the road whether you’re pulling a load, carrying the equipment you need or just driving around town. These impressive improvements of the turbocharging, the air intake system and the improved housings will certainly make even the driving purists in our midst stand up and admire this truck for what it is; a powerful beast of burden that’s capable of getting the heavy work done so that we can feel accomplished at the end of the day.

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